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Computers For Family-we are family

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Just because we are strangers doesn't mean we shouldn't care about one another.  We are family. It's called humanity.  

Recently I (Elise Champe Founder of Eclipse Sun Products) met a gem of a cab driver.  As he drove me from the airport to my hotel I got to know an off-the-charts articulate young man with ambition.  But his spark needed the breath of hope to boost it to a flame.  We all need a boost, especially when we are stuck in a loop of working but not making enough to nurture dreams whatever they may be.

At Eclipse Sun Products we are looking to help others live their best lives be it by helping prevent Skin Cancer or by giving resources to folks who need a boost.  That is why we came up with Computers For Family where we match folks who need a boost with computers/phones.

Computers For Family can help boost a person to the next level.  When you donate your used working computer to someone who is eager to nurture their dreams, it gives them a sense of being cared about, a sense of hope and a sense of courage.  Courage to work hard while feeding a dream whether it's to create an app or post you tubes of their music.

Email us at for more information on donating your used working computer.