éclipse was named our city's



Longmont, Colorado's Sustainable Business Program ranks local businesses in three key areas: 

Environmental, Social & Economic Impact


The purpose of this program is to recognize businesses that make substantial efforts to reduce their environmental footprint and show commitment to the community.



As a Longmont Sustainable Business, we are committed to:

  • supporting a strong economy, 
  • giving back to the community, and
  • implementing environmentally sustainable practices 

 Over the years we have worked hard to be planet, people and community-friendly, and will continue to with each decision we make for éclipse.  Read below our past and future actions: 

Supporting a strong economy:

 Locally, we hire workers with developmental disabilities through the organization  Imagine!  Imagine! was established in 1963 by a group of parents determined to see that their children with developmental disabilities had the opportunity to participate in their community.  Our clothes are made in small batches locally, instead of flooding the market place with a vast excess of cheaply made clothing that goes out of fashion in a season, éclipse focuses on well-made, durable clothing of classic designs that are made to last.  By keeping manufacturinglocal in Colorado, we reduce the carbon footprint of manufacturing, and support local jobs contribute to the community in which we live. We love to partner with local businesses to promote education and support around mindful living and consumption, like hosting Forest Bathing events. 

Giving back to the community

 éclipse hosts a number of events and information sessions for our community, like forest therapy and clothing swaps.  We have lots of events planned, including talks on eco/water-friendly gardening, social equity and justice, and workshops on creating capsule wardrobes and sustainable fashion shopping (sign up for our newsletter and be the first to know of all our upcoming events).  We donate éclipse Gaiters (non-medical face masks) to the local homeless shelter. When we have clothing swaps we donate leftover items to the Goodwill. As of 8/3/2020 we are members of Pledge 1% Colorado. We participate in Community Strong, our local school district’s website platform that builds and represents collaborative community. And as an employer, we are super family friendly employers as the contractors who do work with us have 100% flexibility to work when and where they want.

Implementing environmentally sustainable practices 

 Within the éclipse brand, we have a hired a sustainable fashion expert who is helping us in lots of areas including conversion to recycled fabric with highest manufacturing standards, supplier code of conduct and product development.  Our clothes are cut and sewn in small batches here in Colorado, and we don’t flood the market place with a vast excess of cheaply made clothing that goes out of fashion in a season.  éclipse focuses on well-made, durable clothing of classic designs that are made to last, by being both physically and emotionally relevant cease of its high-quality construction and design. The éclipse podcast offers a service by introducing sustainability into every conversation. 

 Globally, we signed the 2020 Circular Fashion Pledge, and we have enabled our customers to send-back their unwanted éclipse apparel for us to recycle or repurpose. or resell their used items. We attend events geared towards sustainable fashion, like the Copenhagen Fashion Summit October 2020. We have also transitioned  to 100% compostable or recyclable packaging and mailers, and are offering recycled polyester fabric (rPET for our designs beginning Spring 2021. We plant a tree with every order through Team Trees, and carbon-neutralize every order placed with us.  We’re rated GOOD with Good On You, an organization that rates fashion brands based on our interaction with our Planet, People and Animals. Consumers use this app to find ethical clothing brands.

Locally, we implement environmentally sustainable practices in our studio by using a Nest thermostat and  turning off heat/AC when not at the studio, we compost, conserve water through our efficient faucet aerators and with our zeroscape, and we also refuse to use herbicides and pesticides.  We have bike parking to promote alternative forms of transportation.  éclipse is working towards becoming B Corp-certified, we’ve completed an assessment 


We are honored to be the recipient of this award, and thank our local Longmont community for all of their support!