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The éclipse difference

A Message From élise

Dear éclipse Friend,

It began in 2002 with a design for a knuckle-to-shoulder glove designed to protect my hands and arms in sunny Boulder, Colorado. All of my friends seemed to want a pair.  Today, éclipse has evolved into a full line of versatile, urban tech clothing and accessories, manufactured sustainably and locally in small batches.

éclipse is about freedom in simplicity. Paring down, streamlining, divesting your life of things that no longer serve you.  This allows more space, mentally and physically, and therefore more freedom.

éclipse is more than an apparel company as we create a larger platform for wellness and wholeness.  Part of this mission is to promote individuals and companies that we are inspired by and whose vision we align with.  Please visit here to see partners that we work with and sign up for gifts that we are offering together. Also known as free stuff.

Our clothes are made in small batches locally, you might call it slow fashion.  Instead of flooding the market place with a vast excess of cheaply made clothing that goes out of fashion in a season, éclipse focuses on well-made, durable clothing of classic designs that are made to last.  By keeping manufacture local in Colorado, we reduce the carbon foot print of manufacture, support local jobs contribute to the community in which we live.

éclipse clothing is made of highest quality 37.5® performance fabric, which manages your body temperature, by precisely absorbing and releasing moisture. The fabric offers a luxury feel and a flattering design so you can wear éclipse from yoga or skiing to dinner.

As an apparel company, we are aware of the waste that clothing manufacture creates and sensitive to our place and role in the planet’s ecosystem and that’s why we promote thoughtful consumption.

élise Champe, Founder & CEO


Approved by Melanoma International Foundation


éclipse exclusively uses 37.5® Technology patented fabric that embeds activated carbon particles directly into fiber, which increases the surface area by up to 800% and imparts superior performance characteristics. Learn more about 37.5® here. 

37.5® fabric technology offers:

  • Nearly 100% sun protection, UPF50+ for the life of the garment, which means it will never wash out, the active particles absorb UV light.
  • Cooling when you are hot by releasing moisture.
  • Warming when you are cold by taking up moisture.
  • Removing, capturing and releasing sweat.
  • Proven to increase exercise performance by regulating core temperature. No other fabric technology can claim this.
  • Quick drying and odor resistant.
  • Light, soft, breathable, hypoallergenic, wrinkle resistant.

We éclipsegLOVE the planet!

As part of the Longmont Sustainable Business Program, our business practices are tracked, measured and assessed. We are registered with the Colorado Green Business Program. Our energy, waste, water, and transportation assessments were conducted by Partners for a Clean Environment (PACE).  Because we care about the future of our planet, we see slow fashion and modularity as the way forward. We plant a tree with every order through Team Trees.


We éclipsegLOVE humanity!

Our fabric manufacturing facility in hosts a weekly Wednesday lunch for production workers to sit down with high level executives.  That means a real face-to-face connection, a voice heard, and a need met. Because we care about all of the people making our fabric, we are happy to report that our manufacturing facility is certified to the highest extent. Certified with:

  •  ISO 9001 Quality Management
  •  ISO 14001 Environment Management
  •  ISO 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management
  •  CSP3   

Our packaging and operations

Éclipse wear is packaged in biodegradable cellophane bags.   They are made from plant cellulose cellophane that is naturally 100% compostable.  Our current bags have a small strip of adhesive at the top, which is not compostable.  But we are always striving for better, so we are looking into ways to eliminate that 1% part of the packaging being sent to the landfill!   

Our entire collection is cut and sewn here in Colorado, reducing our carbon footprint while contributing to our local economy. In every piece we design and construct, we are thoughtful of its life cycle - starting with the material we source and ending with recycling pieces to continue the sun protection properties the fabric has.  

And when our customers are ready to part with their éclipse, we encourage them to pass it on to a friend, donate it locally, or send it back to us and we will give it a new life (and you’ll receive a discount on your next éclipse purchase!).   

We éclipsegLOVE animals!

  "The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated." ― Mahatma Gandhi 

Éclipse uses no animal products in the making of its clothing!  Éclipse wear is suitable for vegans. 

Slow fashion is our approach. It's about quality over quantity for us. How can we do more with less? We promote a minimalist wardrobe that is organized and simplifies the daily ritual of getting dressed. Incorporating timeless, versatile and functional designs into your wardrobe means you need fewer pieces.

Launching new items happens organically for us, when we come up with great designs. Consumers request items. Those requests are important to us.  We spend weeks and months creating just the right piece.  

Forward by:
Elise Champe
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
An ethics of doing good and responsible actions live at the core of éclipse. The smallest to the largest decisions are guided by these principles.
Our ethics of doing good and responsible actions lead to meaningful objectives. As a small apparel company we are building our framework with these two pillars as a foundation. We are always striving and evolving in our work to offer a platform for freedom in simplicity; encompassing our relationship with clothing and our planet’s resources. Eclipse is a platform for mindful consumption and wellness within a code of ethics I expect every one of us at éclipse to adhere to. This is how we embody the spirit of eclipse and its good works.
“Our ethics of doing good and responsible actions lead to meaningful objectives”
Elise Champe
These ethics guide our decision making and lead to a meaningful experience for anyone who is associated with éclipse, from employees to customers. This approach makes our company durable. We interact with our environment of people and the planet; learning and evolving from the interconnectedness. Since our aim is to be harmonious, this makes our foundation strong. 
~ Do our best always
~ Care always
~ Comply with the rules
~ Respect each other
~ Respect our natural environment
~ Support our communities 
~ Maintain confidentiality
~ Respect for human rights and the law
~ 2020 Circular Fashion Pledge to address the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 12,5.
To contact éclipse regarding ethics by email: peter@eclipseglove.com