Green Business

We are keen on being green. The fashion industry is a huge polluter and we take that seriously. We are always looking for ways to be as green as possible. From composting at the éclipse studio to encouraging thoughtful clothing choices to designing versatile pieces, we show our planet love!

As part of the Sustainable Business Program, our business practices are tracked, measured and assessed. We are registered with the Colorado Green Business Program. Our energy, waste, water, and transportation assessments were conducted by Partners for a Clean Environment (PACE.)

Everything we offer is sewn, packaged and warehoused in Colorado. And our clothes are meant to last. The fashion system must change. Fashion can make a statement, not just with what we wear, but also by the choices we make. 

Slow fashion is our approach. It's about quality over quantity for us. How can we do more with less? We promote a minimalist wardrobe that is organized and simplifies the daily ritual of getting dressed. Incorporating timeless, versatile and functional designs into your wardrobe means you need fewer pieces.

Launching new items happens organically for us, when we come up with great designs. Consumers request items. Those requests are important to us.  We spend weeks and months creating just the right piece.  

We look at the end of life of clothing and host events such as clothing swaps to promote conscious clothing consumption. We feel there is freedom in simplicity. In fact, that is our moto.

We are always looking for ways to be as sustainable as possible. Being part of the Sustainable Business Program is very helpful because we have a team of Sustainable Specialists working with us.

Ultimately, our vision is to become B Certified.