éclipse Ethos


éclipse is a values-led company. One of our values is having the lowest impact on the environment. To that end, we take responsibility for the full lifecycle of each garment we create.

When you are done with your éclipse garment send it back to us and we will recycle it to make sure it stays out of the landfill.

It may sound counter-intuitive given that we design clothing...

At éclipse we counsel restraint when stocking your closet. 

Did you know that the EPA estimates textiles make up 5% of all landfills in the U.S.?


We create clothing that you can wear from the beach to the restaurant. We ask ourselves the following with each design:  Will the wearer feel comfortable in this garment in different settings?  How does our design incorporate timeless silhouettes and colors to outlive and integrate with trends? 

We have more initiatives on the way.

Stay tuned!