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GIVEAWAY DATE: April 10, 2020

GIVEAWAY DETAILS: This giveaway includes some of our best selling products: Our Professional Grade Springtide face moisturizer with vitamin C, green tea, calendula and fennel to help revive dull, dry skin.

Parsley C serum is 10% vitamin C to help diminish fine lines and brighten skin.

Mountain Mist hand & body lotion is a light and silky feeling body lotion with lasting power.

Finally, our lavender face/body mist is a hydrosol distilled on our farm that is great for toning, hydrating and refreshing skin. ($103 value). and a $100 éclipse apparel gift card.


My name is: Cindy Jones, creator of Colorado Aromatics.

Tell us about your product and business: Colorado Aromatics makes natural skin care products using herbs grown on our Certified Naturally Grown farm. These organic home-grown products are formulated to deeply nourish and repair your skin.  

My passion and expertise is:  Science has always been a passion of mine. This led me to earn my Ph.D. in biochemistry. I try to understand skin and skincare to the molecular level and formulate products accordingly.

Where can one find you?

Please share something about your life and your work: Besides science, I’ve studied herbalism. I live on our farm and grow the herbs there that we use in our products. We have the best view of the mountains from our farm and I believe the beauty of our farm can be felt in the products themselves.

How do you create freedom and simplicity in your life? This is a difficult concept when you own a business. But I feel free when I am hiking in the mountains, breathing in the fresh air, getting exercise and enjoying a view.

Why did you choose to do what you do? I always enjoyed making things and found I really enjoyed making things with and learning about herbs. I realized that my science background enabled me to make a very sophisticated product. My hobby grew into my work. I focused on making products that were good for my skin; being outdoors a lot requires a better skin care product that what is typically available! Seems a lot of what I did before has led me to this.

My favorite self-care ritual is: Self care is so important for mental health. But going back to the previous question, caring for myself involves getting exercise and being with nature by hiking. But a good soak in the hot tub helps when I am short on time. 

What is your current favorite thing or experience?   My current favorite thing is the new puppy my husband and I just adopted! She’s so cute and keeps me busy and keeps me walking!

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