A Message from Élise


Dear éclipse Friend,

It began in 2002 with my design for a knuckle-to-shoulder "glove" to protect my hands and arms in sunny Boulder, Colorado. Sun sleeves weren't even a concept. All of my friends seemed to want a pair. It's been over 20 years!

We are the home of the original sun sleeve.

Today, éclipse has evolved into a full line of versatile, urban tech clothing and accessories, manufactured sustainably and locally in small batches from recycled or patented fabric. Either way, it's UPF50.

éclipse is about helping you Enjoy the Sun the Healthy Way. Everything we offer is UPF50 and designed to make sun protection quick, easy and stylish. Our commitment to offer you an effective alternative to sunscreen

Instead of flooding the market with a vast excess of cheaply made clothing that goes out of fashion in a season. éclipse focuses on well-made, durable clothing of classic designs that are made to last. By keeping manufacturing in the United States, we reduce our carbon footprint, support local jobs, and contribute to our community.

éclipse is more than an apparel company as we create a larger platform for wellness and wholeness. Given our strong sense of mission, we are a Public Benefit Corporation. 

éclipse started out and remains being about, helping people Enjoy the Sun the Healthy Way.

These days I wear my éclipse while doing plein air painting, in addition to anytime I am outside.

Élise Champe, Founder & CEO

éclipse Glove