37.5 Cocona Technology


WHAT IS 37.5?

37.5 Technology is a dynamic thermoregulation technology that triggers off of moisture. For the full story, please visit the manufacturer's site https://www.thirtysevenfive.com/.  Éclipse uses 37.5/Cocona® technology infused in an 87% polyester / 13% Spandex blend fabric.


It’s called 37.5 Technology because it helps keep your body at the ideal core temperature of 37.5° Celsius and helps keep the microclimate next to your skin at the ideal relative humidity of 37.5%.  And Cocona because a portion of the active particle ingredient is carbon derived from coconut husk.


37.5 Technology triggers off of humidity. Humidity is the gauge for whether you are hot or cold. When you’re hot, active particles embedded into the material use your body’s energy to remove moisture and cool you down. When you’re cold, the active particles retain the body’s energy to warm you up.


LET’S GET NERDY… Patented 37.5 technology uses active particles made from volcanic sand and activated carbon from coconut shells that have billions of micropores, massively increasing the surface area of the material. These particles also absorb infrared (IR) light in the spectrum that the human body emits it, and this light becomes the energy that powers the particle. If no moisture (sweat vapor) is present, meaning you are cool, the particles retain this energy to warm you. If moisture (sweat vapor) is present, meaning you are hot, the particles use this energy to move moisture out of the clothing system. Without these active particles, water has no reason to leave the microclimate until relative humidity is much higher than is comfortable. Want more? 37.5 active particles also trap odor molecules and then release them when they’re washed and dried. And speaking of washing, because the active particles are permanently embedded in the fiber they will last the lifetime of the garment. The fabric is knit in Taiwan.

375 fabric technology


The space-age fabric technology isn’t just for temperature. The 37.5 particles also trap odor molecules, releasing them when washed. Polyester never smelled so good after a workout. The increased surface area of the particles also increases the ultraviolet protection properties of the fabric.