Melissa Windell founder, Earth Feather Healings

Melissa Windell founder, Earth Feather Healings

Earth Feather Healings


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My name is: Melissa Windell founder, Earth Feather Healings

My passion and expertise is: Intuitive expansion; helping people with their spiritual growth so they may live a life more fully connected with their inner self. My newest offering is Psychic School 101, where we explore energetic tools and learn how to navigate the world through our third eye and energetic sensations.  I also provide one-on-one spiritual therapy where we work to discover the unique sacredness of your individual needs. 

Where can one find you?  Earth Feather Healings

Please share something about your life and your work: I’ve been embodying my psychic gifts for 14 years, helping people to achieve tremendous growth, spontaneous healings, connect with profoundly supportive insight from past lives, loved ones, and guidance on the journey that lies ahead.  

How do you create freedom and simplicity in your life? I practice freedom and simplicity by mindfully taking time for myself everyday to let go of all that doesn’t serve me and to come back within the center of myself so I may be more at peace and content with the world around me, which allows me to feel more full in the simpleness of who I am.

Why did you choose to do what you do? I love watching the dramatic shifts in people’s lives and seeing them go from helpless to not only full of faith but to a brand new path where they are liberated where they once felt trapped. 

My favorite self-care ritual is: Coming back to my altar nightly.  A cherished space where I have special rocks, my palo santo, my candle and my fairy cards…and random dance parties.

What is your current favorite thing or experience?  Seeing my dad enjoy sharing stories that, previous to his stroke he would not have done. The stroke removed some inhibitions and blockages so it's a bittersweet blessing.

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