Packing for 14 days away is a fantastic opportunity to streamline your wardrobe. Cultivating a simple and elegant suitcase, as well as closet, is essential for a streamlined trip + life. As a first step, notice which clothing you feel you cannot travel without. Those are keepers.

Creating a capsule consists of selecting a few items you love that match each other. You have what you need and need what you have. It's the experience of Freedom in Simplicity. 

The goal is to be comfy and ready to explore in style while looking and feeling good during hours of exploring.

When back home, allowing only the clothing into your wardrobe you need, helps keep unwanted clothing out of landfills and means less time getting ready ~ translating into more time for the things you love and experiencing more!

A bonus of traveling with a capsule is no luggage, only carry-on.

The 2~week éclipse Capsule:

Tank ~ Ice Blue

Tank ~ Black

Tunic ~ Graphite

Full-length Jogger ~ Plum

Large Wrap ~ Ice Blue

Gaiter ~ Ice Blue

Bandana ~ Latte

Gloves ~ Plum

Headband ~ Sienna

Duster ~ Pewter

plus 3 prototypes:

Cropped Romper ~ Plum

Cropped Jogger ~ Graphite

Upcycled Duster ~ Sienna

For two weeks in Italy and France a pair of walking shoes and lightweight sandals take care of what you need, even if it is sooo tempting to bring more shoes.

The story behind the cropped prototypes: Bermudas are too dressy and hot. Bicycle shorts are too sporty and clingy. Time to design shorts that are pretty, not too short and that work great in stifling heat. That is where the idea of a hybrid jogger~Bermuda~bicycle short or a lightweight shorts~romper. 

When we each make small changes to our clothing consumption, that adds up to big positive impact for our planet.

Here's to traveling + living light = Freedom in Simplicity!

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