An easy sun-care habit

An easy sun-care habit

When heading out the door, bring eclipse.

Are your phone and sunglasses must-haves when going out?

Simply placing an item by the door with your other must-haves for on the go and you will be in the habit of walking out the door with your eclipse in no time!

We make it easy to remember to bring our must-have for ourselves by strategically locating these items in a place that's easy to remember. Perhaps by the door. Keeping your eclipse by the entrance will make it easy to have sun protection on hand when you need it.

Sun exposure accumulates over time, so consistently covering up is necessary. You can embrace time in the sun safely with UPF50 clothing and accessories. Put them on once and you are good to go. No re-application needed. Our fabrics are superior comfort for all-day wear. The key is to wear or bring your eclipse so you have it when you need it, for quick sun protection. 

Easing into a new habit slowly is our favorite way, here at eclipse. The first step is to designate where to always keep your eclipse. That could be on a hook, in a drawer, a bag.

Rewards can work well too when developing a new routine. Remembered your eclipse? That means you get to spend and additional 15 minutes outside, or get yourself a little snack. It doesn't have to be a big prize, it's simply positive vibes that make you want to do the same thing again. No sunburn is always nice too.

We've made it easier to bring some of the larger clothing items on the go by designing self-stowage pouches that are part of the garment. When you are done wearing our sun ponchos, stuff them into their pouch, put them in your bag or drawer for next time and they are ready to go.

The front pocket of our children's Poncho is also a stowage pouch that has a loop so you can even clip it to a carabiner. 

Same goes with our Equinox Ponchos for adults; the front pocket doubles as a stowage pouch and includes a convenient loop. We included a second pocket for easy cell phone storage too.






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