Streamline your wardrobe efficiently

Streamline your wardrobe efficiently

Keen on simplicity and planet-friendly, clothing versatility minimizes fashion consumption.

Customers have asked us to evolve beyond accessories to everyday clothing. Thanks to you, éclipse is expanding to include tops and bottoms. 

We are inspired by the freedom that comes with simplicity. A great place to start simplifying is your wardrobe.

Here's how to do it efficiently (eg without a workbook that nobody has time for):


Tips from Stylist Christie Ressel


Start with a module which consists of elements that all match with each other:

1 outer layer (eg jacket, cardigan)

3 tops (eg shirt, blouse)

2 bottoms

= that makes 12 outfits!

Start off module with a patterned shirt for color ideas.

Blend two modules = 72 outfits

Blend three modules = 216 outfits


Module Example:

Outer Layer: éclipse Wrap +

Tops: T-Shirt, Tank Top, Tunic +

Bottoms: éclipse Pants


That's it! You can create the capsules as you put your newly laundered clothes away. This will save you time and energy when getting ready each day. 

Extend the life of unwanted garments by donating them to Goodwill or hosting a clothing swap. Goodwill even takes old socks and the like to recycle the fibers so they do not end up in the landfill.

Wishing you Freedom in Simplicity!

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