Burn Notice

Burn Notice

How Sun Sleeves Will Save Your Skin This Summer

We've all been there; wanting that sun-kissed glow without the burn and damage.

Traditional clothes can leave you exposed. That's where sun sleeves come in. Lightweight arm covers made of UV-protective fabrics let you stay stylishly covered. Once just for burn patients, sun sleeves have made a transition to mainstream fashion.

The Rise of the Sun Sleeve

Once a niche item, overlooked by fashionistas to cult status as this summer's must-have accessory. With the stamp of approval from influencers and celebrities, the utilitarian sun sleeves has undergone a serious glow-up. Runway visionaries like Valentino sent billowing silk sleeve confections down their SS23 catwalks. It girls like Hailey Bieber worked eye-catching neon mesh sleeves into covetable off-duty model looks. And we can't overlook timeless muse Sarah Jessica Parker's countless polished sun sleeve moments while filming the "And Just Like That"

Cross-generational appeal

With tastemakers across the board elevating the humble sleeve to high-fashion territory, it was only a matter of time before the look trickled down to the masses. Soon, everyone from sun-cautious millennials to seniors heeding their dermatologists' advice was getting in on the game. In fact, we can't recall the last time I saw such a fervent cross-generational adoption of a trend! Sun sleeves became a true equal opportunity accessory.

Evolution of sun sleeves designs

What started as simple sunblocks for the arms has evolved into a fashion category all its own.

We're seeing everything from bold, vibrant colors and patterns to designer collaborations putting haute couture spins on the sun sleeve look.

Lululemon's athletic line includes print and mesh options. Cult-favorite Brazilian brand FARM Rio offers bohemian embroidered styles. And leave it to luxury brands like Jacquemus and Dior to create sculptural sun sleeve confections from offbeat materials and shapes.

The options are delightfully endless for integrating sun sleeves into any into any aesthetic, from sporty to boho to avant-garde. Fashion's rebellious new staple is no longer one-style-fits-all.

Unexpected Sun Sleeve Pairings

Part of what makes sun sleeves so unexpectedly versatile is their ability to complement items you wouldn't initially think to pair them with. Hand-approved by the style renegades rebelling against conventional summer dressing rules.

Why not incorporate sun sleeves into dressier looks? Bring an edgy, modern vibe under a crisp blazer or sleeveless sheath dress. Or lean into the arm cover-up concept by layering brightly colored sleeves over your favorite strappy going-out top.

You can also find endless inspo for making sun sleeves work with warm weather fabrics and textures. Lightweight knits, eyelet details, linens - get an instant sun-safety upgrade when topped with sleek arm coverings.

The possibilities are unlimited for these newly trendsetting basics!

Key Benefits

While the fashion world's embrace transformed sun sleeves into a certifiable
"look", their practical benefits are what truly set them apart. The main appeals of these arm coverings are the following:

UV Protection Made Easy
We're all familiar with the sunscreen struggle - rigorously applying and reapplying that greasy SPF mask while inevitably missing spots. Sun sleeves offer fuss-free coverage without the lotion hassle. The lightweight, tightly-woven fabrics are designed to block upwards of 98% of ultraviolet rays.

Versatility for Any Outfit
The genius of sun sleeves lies in their mix-and-match versatility. With the ability to customize coverage from fingerless styles to elbow-length to full arm sheaths, you can build sun protection into any seasonal outfit. Throwing a sleek pair over a tank or sundress creates an intentionally stylish, editorial-inspired look.

Technical Fabrics for Hot Weather
But don't think you'll be weighing yourself down with heavy, stifling layers.
Performance-geared sun sleeves deploy technical fabrics that pull away moisture and regulate body temperature. You'll stay cool and protected, even in sweltering summer heat.

Styling Tips

Of course, we would be remiss to simply treat these skin-saving sheaths as basic functionality. The true sport lies in styling sun sleeves with intentional fashionista flair. Theses are some tips:

Play with Color Blocking

Take the opportunity to inject bold, contrasting hues by color blocking solid sleeves against breezy dresses or tops. A pair of orange zesty sleeves instantly elevates a basic white dress.

Mix Patterns and Textures

Similarly, patterned or textured sleeves can add visual interest when layered over solids. Lace or mesh offer a romantic feel, while geometric prints keep it modern and graphic.

Accessorize Accordingly
Sleeves leave your wrists and hands free to pile on stacks of bangles, cuffs and watches that might normally get overshadowed by billowing sleeves.
Embrace that arm party!


Sun sleeves have undergone an unexpected renaissance from niche medical wear to mainstream fashion accessory. Their versatility across styles and settings, paired with technical fabrics offering UV protection and cooling, make them ideal warm weather companions.

Perhaps their biggest appeal is their ability to look modern and flattering on all ages. After decades as a functional oddity, sun sleeves have solidified their place as a permanent part of our summer wardrobes. This unlikely garment has solved the perpetual struggle of wanting stylish sun coverage. Sunburns be gone!

Beat the Heat and Cover Up in Style with Eclipse Sun Sleeves

Our lightweight, ultra-protective sun sleeves offer UPF 50+ coverage from the armpit down past the wrist. Perfect for keeping your arms safely shielded without sacrificing your look.

Available in versatile solid colors and eye-catching prints, these unisex sun sleeves integrate seamlessly with any warm weather outfit. The technical, moisture-wicking fabric keeps you cool and comfortable even on the hottest days.

One size doesn't fit all when it comes to sun protection. That's why eclipse Sun Sleeves come in small, medium, and large sizes to ensure the perfect fit for maximum coverage.

Don't let harsh UV rays cramp your summer style. Elevate your sun-safe wardrobe with a pair of on-trend sun sleeves today!

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