éclipse Slow Fashion

éclipse Slow Fashion

When the idea for éclipse was first born, our goal was to create the most effective sun protection clothing that comprised of essential, versatile pieces, with form and function having equal parts in their design.  We are continually inspired with new ideas for our line, although our goal to stay timeless and functional in our styles will never change.  We choose not to follow Fast Fashion’s trend of monthly or even weekly seasons; instead, we believe in our designs being able to transcend seasons with their unique cooling and warming material, and fashion trends with cut and drapes that are flattering while providing maximum sun protection.

The idea of Slow Fashion came from the Slow Food Movement, and encompasses the following principals:

  • Good: quality, form and function
  • Clean: production that does not harm the environment
  • Fair: accessible prices for consumers and fair conditions and pay for producers

éclipse’s Good:

éclipse creates comfortable and stylish sun protection clothing that will last for years to come.  Our designs provide the maximum coverage possible to be effective sun block, while our fabrics provide cooling even on the hottest days. 

éclipse’s Clean: 

Our entire collection is cut and sewn here in Colorado, reducing our carbon footprint while contributing to our local economy. In every piece we design and construct, we are thoughtful of its life cycle - starting with the material we source and ending with recycling pieces to continue the sun protection properties the fabric has.  It’s why we use the fabric we do, because the sun protection can never be washed out.  As long as the fabric is intact, it will continue to be effective sunblock.   Every éclipse sunblock product is constructed to be durable enough for everyday activities and sports.  And when our customers are ready to part with their éclipse, we encourage them to pass it on to a friend, donate it locally, or send it back to us and we will give it a new life (and you’ll receive a discount on their next éclipse purchase!). 

éclipse’s Fair:

We believe everyone needs and deserves the most effective sun protection, and we strive to offer ours at an accessible price.  We make sure our sewers are paid fair wages.  Our fabric manufacturer is an industry leader in corporate social responsibility.

We believe in the capsule & minimalism wardrobe movements, along with mindful purchasing, and encourage you to learn more about the personal and worldwide benefits of Slow Fashion.  Here are just a couple of our favorite sources:

The True Cost - The personal and worldwide effect of Fast Fashion, now playing on Netflix

Greenwatch assembled a list of the 50 most inspirational blogs on Sustainable Fashion:  information and ideas for everyone - from the thrift shop expert to the runway follower - ways to express your style while buying mindfully and reducing your carbon footprint

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