#EclipseTravels To Boulder, CO

#EclipseTravels To Boulder, CO

Paula heading into the foothills of Boulder, Colorado

Recently we have been catching with some of our favorite Eclipsers while on their #EclipseTravels.  Today we are featuring Paula Samaha who is a Rolfer and Yoga Instructor originally from Lebanon. She travelled near and far in her previous life marketing beauty products. For now she is enjoying the beauty of Boulder, CO.

Mt Sanitas Trail Boulder Colorado

Mount Sanitas Trail in Boulder, Colorado

Tell us about you

I head outdoors and out of the studio whenever I get a chance. Colorado has many hikes to offer at my doorstep, so I hike quite a bit. Sun exposure is always on my mind since CO is high-up and it’s sunny most days.

Tell us about your #ECLIPSETRAVELS

This weekend I am taking my Eclipse Sun Sleeves for a hike in the foothills of Boulder Colorado. I like to get some sun, but when you are on a long hike, you can feel that your skin has had enough and it’s time to cover up. The Eclipse sleeves are cooling so I won’t over-heat and I can wet them so they will help me cool down so I can continue hiking in comfort.

Solstice Cover up

Which Eclipse Sun Product did you take with you?

The Eclipse Sun Sleeves in aqua. That way my hands and arms are completely covered.

What are your other travel essentials?

My bathing suit and my yoga mat.

Have any good adventure tips and tricks you’d like to share?

You don’t need to bring a lot with you wherever you go. I have found that it’s easy to think we need more than we really do in the end.

What’s the next #ECLIPSETRAVELS on your bucket list?

Costa Rica with my family.

You can see Paula’s incredible Yoga poses @paulasamaha on Instagram.

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