#éclipseTravels to Ecuador

#éclipseTravels to Ecuador

Q: Tell us about yourself and your Travels. 

We love traveling as a family together to new places. This past spring we had the opportunity to visit Ecuador. We enjoyed sighting seeing excursions in the Amazon, Andes, along the coastal region and 6 days touring the Galápagos Islands. This exciting trip was full of fun in the sun so naturally the family packed an assortment of éclipse products!


Q: Which éclipse Sun Product did you take with you?

We put the wonderfully versatile shawl to good use while enjoying the coast. It really was a blessing when the sunblock ran out and the kids begged for just a couple more hours on the beach. They were protected from a late day sunburn and still got to romp in the ocean till sunset. The shawl also provided a cool cover while boating. It dried so quickly after getting wet from water spraying over the bow.

The shoulder length Sun Sleeves were fabulous for snorkeling. They gave a little added insulation underwater and dried so fast when back in the boat. Hiking with the sleeves during island hopping was nice too.

Q: What’s the next trip on your list?

Next on the list of trips is a ski vacation to Jackson Hole. We plan on bringing along the Sun Sleeves for driving. The Colorado sun can be relentless!

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