#éclipseTravels to England

#éclipseTravels to England

The calm before Storm Gareth 🔆

A beautiful day yesterday hiking down into Guernsey's Petit Bot bay with chilly winds and bright sun. It was the first time we've had a chance to use these badass neon sleeves from @eclipsesunproducts and they did not disappoint. I don't know about you but I always get super hot while hiking but these bois kept me cool, calm and collected. Particularly useful while bouldering on the beach - pix or it didn't happen, you say? Coming up at a later date y'all. For now, here I am doing my best impression of someone who doesn't usually cower in caves during the summer months. (FYI it wouldn't be an issue today - it's pouring it down and we are stuck inside waiting for a flight home - boo hiss.) Lots of love from Francesca xo

Photo by: @roguerambleruk

Rogue Rambler started after a couple of drinks one night in central Manchester. The goal; to provide a resource for those living in the north of England for the best hikes that are right on your doorstep.

Now being two individuals that lived in central Manchester - without a car - you might think we might not be the best source to get tips about the best hiking trials. However, for the last few years we (Stew and Fran) have been utilising everything from trains, busses and even bikes to get out and enjoy the great outdoors and hopeful inspire those who would like to follow in our literal and metaphorical footsteps.

The next adventure might be closer than you think…

To contact Rogue Rambler: https://www.roguerambler.co.uk/contact

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