#EclipseTravels To LA

#EclipseTravels To LA

#EclipseTravels to LA

Mitsuka is a Motion+Graphic Designer and Mom to 5 year-old twins.  She likes to do something active when she has spare time or make some art.  She designs logos, tattoos and does calligraphy for relaxation.  You can see some of her artwork on Instagram @jijibubi

PHOTO of Venice Beach, CA

Name: Mitsuka Thiem

From: Tokyo & LA   

I love anything outdoorsy and that requires moving my body, like hiking, because I sit at the computer when I work.  

Aurora Cover Beach Up

Tell us about your #EclipseTravels.

Los Angeles has so much to offer.  It’s multicultural.  The ocean and the mountains are near each other.  There’s rock climbing and salsa dancing.  The weather is awesome.  I do like to get some sun and am careful to stay in the shade and wear a hat & Eclipse Sun Sleeves.  Matador beach is my favorite.  It’s less crowded.  It’s got some cool rock formations.  We go there every Summer.  It’s less busy and more beautiful. 

PHOTO of Venice Beach, CA


Which Eclipse Sun Product did you take with you?

The stripy Eclipse Sun Sleeves called Caramel Stripe.  Also the Aurora Beach Cover up. The fabric texture is really nice.  It feels good on the skin.  My girls love the ponchos because of the feel of the fabric.

PHOTO of Mitsuka’s Daughter Wearing the Eclipse Kid’s Poncho at Venice Beach


What are your other travel essentials?

Always a sketchbook and pencils/pens/ipad for drawing.   We started doing really long plane rides with the kids before they were one.  You just have to give up and meditate when they are cranky…especially when they are babies.  

PHOTO of Venice Beach, CA 


Have any good adventure tips and tricks you’d like to share?

When I travel, the plane rides I go on are really long.  i just pass out!  I bring sticker books and, now that the twins are older, that always works for them.

What’s the next #EclipseTravels on your bucket list?

I want to go to Thailand and Greece.  All those temples and the jungle.  White buildings and blue Ocean.  I love the color and it’s just a perfect picture for me.  I am a visual person and I love blue.

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