Fabric care tips

Fabric care tips

Here's to getting into the habit of making our clothes last longer, while reducing our carbon footprints!

Extending the life of our clothes is one of the best things we can do for our planet.

Choosing clothes made with superior quality materials and good construction in the first place will make the garment last longer. 


Follow these tips to keep your éclipse for years!

1. Wash less often.

Sometimes rinsing the armpit area is all that's needed. Wear your garments at least three times before laundering. Our quick-dry fabric can dry in a matter of hours for your next day of adventure. 

2. Wash at low temps.

This helps the fabric last longer. éclipse fabric care instructions are machine wash warm, as in tepid, so little to no heat is needed. 

3. Hang dry.

Line-dry is best for any fabric and the environment. Air drying increases fabric longevity. éclipse fabric is quick to dry. Tumble dry is fine too.

5. Mend

If a seam starts to unravel, a drop of clear nail polish seals it in a snap. In case of a tear, turn the garment inside out and a basic stitch easily takes care of closing it up. No-sew tape works well on Polyester as well.

Did you know the United Nations has made it a priority to to halt the environmentally destructive practices of fashion? 

“By using fashion as a form of activism and empowerment, the UN Alliance for Sustainable Fashion doesn’t perceive sustainability as a limitation to fashion, but rather a trigger for bringing real creativity and passion into the industry,” said H.E. Siim Kiisler, President of the UN Environment Assembly.

Someday when you are done with your éclipse garment, please send it back to us. We will send you a discount code and we will have your spent garment recycled back into fabric! 

We impact our environment through our choices. We each make a difference! 

Fabric care tips for continued use of clothing items is a win-win for pockets books and the planet.

Here's to embracing sustainability in fashion.

What do you do to extend the life of clothing? Please email us tips at elise@eclipseglove.com and we will share them here. 

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