Virtual Forest Bathing & the Healing Power of Nature

Virtual Forest Bathing & the Healing Power of Nature

Based on the Japanese practice of Shinrin-yoku,

Forest Bathing is the practice of being in the natural world,

with the intention of slowing down, awakening senses,

and being fully present in the beauty, mystery and healing energy of nature through a series of sensory-connecting "invitations" from your guide 

Benefits of Forest Bathing include increased parasympathetic nervous system activity which:

  • prompts rest,
  • conserves energy,
  • and slows down the heart rate
  • while increasing intestinal and gland activity

Lower cortisol concentrations are also a signal that the body's stress-response system is being triggered less

Reserve your spot HERE for December 5th 2020 at 11am MT

The éclipse December Monthly Event: Virtual Forest Bathing with guide Darlene Rooney hosted by éclipse Apparel


During this virtual event, you'll be part of a group, while exploring the invitations privately and in your own way, wherever and however you choose

A new walking trail, favorite park, your backyard,

even from inside your home ... and with or without your microphone or video on - the choices are yours.

Wherever you decide,

you will be able to dive in and receive all the benefits of this nourishing contemplative practice.

$20, Reserve your spot HERE

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