Garage Grown Gear: Outdoor Industry Disruptor...

Garage Grown Gear: Outdoor Industry Disruptor...

Meet Garage Grown Gear (GGG), the experts in outdoor gear startups.

Whether you are ultralight backpacking, snowshoeing, or running up mountains these folks are the one-stop shop for everything you'll need. Featuring small, startup and cottage brands with everything from ultralight fanny packs to UPF accessories such as sun sleeves and neck gaiters (that's us!)  

Connecting inventors with consumers GGG Founder Amy Hatch " a very much on fire up and coming entrepreneur ... Amy noticed that innovative start-ups in the outdoor active lifestyle markets had no hub." according to Karen Carpenter-Ogden who interviewed Garage Grown Gear Founder for her podcast Intrepid Entrepreneur.  She says “The outdoor active lifestyle markets were shaped - and continue to be built by - the tenacity and vision of our entrepreneurs. Our founders power our innovation and has created an important bridge for start ups to grow through connection with the end consumer.”

The company shares startup stories and reviews gear in its online magazine and sells the products in its online store. Here's what GGG wrote about éclipse.

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