Help Create A Big Health And Environmental Change

Help Create A Big Health And Environmental Change

At Eclipse® we look at all the ways in which we can be kind to the planet and those who live on it. We start by designing our accessories to last, so you'll wear them longer. And we encourage you to donate or recycle them when you're done with them, so they can be reused. Go to and enter your zip code to find out where to recycle almost everything.

Our goal is to raise awareness about Skin Cancer and the power we have to positively impact Skin Cancer rates as well as our environment.

Men diagnosed with Melanoma between the ages of 15 and 39 were found to be 55 percent more likely to die from melanoma than females with the same diagnosis in the same age group (American Academy of Dermatology.) Help #ReduceSkinCancer by wearing your sun protection.

Eclipse is taking a path to sustainability. Be part of the solution and sign the pledge.




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