Love & Presence for Wellbeing

Love & Presence for Wellbeing

My name is: Nichole Jones, LPC

My passion and expertise is: I am a mental health professional and coach who specializes in women's emotional well-being. I support moms in being less stressed and feeling more joyful.  

What would you like to share with us today?:  My clients are all reeling from the coronavirus.  There is a lot of fear around the virus itself and the economic ramifications.  My number one recommendation is to turn off the news and avoid social media.  It's good to be aware and practice common-sense measures like hand washing, getting enough sleep, eating well, and staying home when you are ill.  But, the media is really overwhelming at this time and the fear induced by the sensationalism impacts our immune system.  So it is very important to take the news in in small doses and balance that with taking a walk in the sunshine, taking a deep breath, and being around those that you love.  Love is an antidote to fear.

Also, staying present to what is really happening in your present moment is key to helping yourself stay out of fight or flight mode.  Notice that you are feeling fearful, anxious or overwhelmed but then take a breath, look around and find something to feel grateful for...right now, this moment.  All of your power lies in this moment, not the future, not the past.  Make the best of your Right Now.  

In the book "Fear", Thich Nhat Hanh says "Suppose we are feeling worry or anxiety. We practice, breathing in, I know that anxiety is in me. Breathing out, I smile to my anxiety." Mindful breathing helps get us out of our intellect and more able to manage the feelings.

Where can one find out more about you? My facebook group and my website,

How do you create freedom and simplicity in your life? I meditate, practice gratitude, and chant every day.  I am also an avid "underscheduler" to avoid overwhelming myself and my kids.  I find that having a routine helps to inform my day, start it well, and keep me grounded.  

Why did you choose to do what you do? I chose to work with mamas because I know what it is like to be an overwhelmed and totally stressed out mama.  I have done so much of my own work that I look back on that time with young kids knowing that it didn't have to be like and that you really can feel good as a don't have to be in total survival mode all of the time.  Working with mothers is a direct way to impact future generations to live healthier and more meaningful lives.

My favorite self-care ritual is:  Yoga Nidra. Yoga Nidra is a beautiful guided meditation that is restorative and rejuvenating.  There are so many amazing benefits to yoga nidra from decreasing anxiety, releasing trauma, and creating the life of your dreams.  It is seriously the total package of self-care rituals.

What is your current favorite thing or experience? My current favorite thing is learning how to be a coach and having a widespread impact on more moms than I can working one on one.  I love feeling like I am supporting them to feel more joyful and therefore helping their kids have a happier childhood.

Learn more about online programs with Nichole Jones to move toward finding more joy.  You can join her free online Facebook community, Birthing Joyful Mothers here:

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