Managing Helplessness and Overwhelm During Constant Change

My name is: Amanda Wallace

My passion and expertise is: I truly love helping people as a Psychotherapist discover the power they hold within their minds and hearts. Through the different modalities I use in the therapeutic process, such as hypnotherapy, we can uncover and work through the unconscious blocks that keep people stuck in the past so they can be fully present and embodied in this moment with all of it’s potential.

What would you like to share with us today? This is time of constant change. The world is so interconnected which can leave us feeling helpless and overwhelmed. Most people are already overwhelmed with the responsibilities of full and busy lives so to add a global pandemic in the mix, is without saying, very stressful. So here are just a few ways you can reduce tension, stress and be more grounded.

  1. Be mindful of the language you use with yourself and others. Does it add more drama, fear and stress? People say to me they can’t be hypnotized. But trust me, you are hypnotizing yourself all the time with your self talk and how you express that to the world around you. So be intentional with your thoughts, words and actions. Check in and see if the thoughts you are telling yourself are absolutely true. If not, choose thoughts that evoke calm and steadiness.
  2. When you notice you are anxious follow the STOP process: Stop. Take 3 deep breaths. Observe your body. Proceed with Presence. 
  3. BE Present. I know this sounds cliché but truly your body and nervous system can only be right here in this present moment. When you continue to scatter yourself into the past and future you become ungrounded and anxious. One simple tool to become more present is to engage all of your senses by stopping and noticing...Five things you see, Four things you hear, Three things you feel, Two things you smell, and One thing you taste. This brings you back to the here and now where all of your power is. 
  4. Find three things you are grateful for in this moment. Write them down.
How do you create freedom and simplicity in your life? Freedom for me comes in every moment with the recognition and awareness that I have choice. The question I most often ask myself is “Who do I choose to be?” “Do I choose to be someone who is fearful or trusting?” “Do I want to be someone who is loving and playful or tense and annoyed?” To have awareness available to you in the present moment, that YOU get to decide, is freedom.  Simplicity is created when I focus on what really matters. If I can get clear about my values and let go of things that don’t matter life is really so much simpler and easier. 
Why did you choose to do what you do? Honestly, this was not really a choice but a knowing. I have always been drawn to the pain of others and wanting to help lift them up and out of it. As a preschooler, I would be the one consoling the others with a pat and a hug. I guess it is my calling because I can’t even imagine doing anything else.
My favorite self care ritual is: I have several daily rituals that bring me a sense of peace and calm. Mindful tea is one that is very simple yet sublime. I love holding the hot mug in my hands, smelling the fragrance steaming up into my nose, and then tasting the subtle but yummy flavors. It is something I offer my clients at the beginning of my sessions, to help ground and bring them into their bodies and into our time together. 
What is your current or favorite thing? For my sanity I have to get off social media, the news, stop scrolling and choose to plug into information that is inspiring and empowers me. Currently I am loving walking my dog and listening to podcasts. My good friends all know this because I am always sharing with them the bits of wisdom that I get from the podcast world. There is a wealth of information at your fingertips easily absorbed while you do all the mundane stuff you got to do anyway like laundry and dishes! 
Where can one find more about you?