Tanks are one of the most versatile all-seasons clothing items, worn both by themselves and layered under all types of outfits.

(Beware of cheaply made and priced tanks ~  there's always a price to be paid for fast fashion)

Creating a minimal, functional capsule wardrobe is the perfect first step towards more eco-friendly and sustainable living!

Curating a wardrobe of only pieces that are needed, that mix and match beautifully, and that support the slow fashion movement will not only have an impact on our planet, but also on you.

Capsule wardrobes make getting ready a cinch! 


Less time spent planning your outfit = more time for the things you truly want to do

Choose quality fabric and sustainable manufacturing practices from slow fashion companies, like éclipse ~ your clothing will last for years due to the quality and sustainability of the fabric and construction, and stay out of landfills.

Multi-seasonal pieces create a more Sustainable Wardrobe

It's that time to move cool weather clothing to the front and center of our closets and drawers!  

It's also the perfect time to take stock of what we didn’t wear in spring and summer.

If it's not been worn, it's time to let it go

(yes, even if you've kept it for decades!)

Some items will be easier to part with: the clothes that don't fit anymore (or never fit well to begin with), the style that's just not you anymore

The sentimental items will be harder

Give thanks to each piece of clothing that's a symbol of who we were, and then choose to repurpose, sell or donate it ~ making room for who we are becoming 

Focus on Multi-Seasonal Items

As you purge your closet of items not worn, needed or wanted anymore,  notice what you have that’s multi-seasonal - items that can be worn by themselves or as layering pieces year-round.

For Step-by-Step instructions on how to let go of items you no longer need and simplify your closet, creating FREEDOM IN SIMPLICITY in your life, download our FREE Slow Fashion Guide!

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