Tez's 5000 mile solo-row starts in November

Tez's 5000 mile solo-row starts in November

éclipse Ambassador, Tez Steinberg wearing our éclipse Hoodie

Record-breaking solo-rower and éclipse Ambassador, Tez Steinberg has announced his next row starting November 2023. This time he is crossing the entire Pacific Ocean; California to Australia. 5000 miles alone in a row-boat. He selected our éclipse® sun protective apparel as his clothing of choice for this sun-filled journey. 

He is bringing the éclipse Hoodie, Gaiter, Sleeves, Gloves and Jogger to protect his skin from extensive sun exposure.

Here he is wearing the éclipse Sleeves during his first solo-row from California to Hawaii. 71 days at sea. Alone. No prior rowing experience. 

To learn more about his first journey, listen to our podcast where éclipse founder, Elise Champe, and Tez discuss this awesome adventure.

Visit his website UnitedWorldChallenge.org for more information about his record setting trans Pacific solo-row and the scholarship he created.


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