This Construction Worker Approves

This Construction Worker Approves

on September 2, 2017

Finally got put to the test by spending 8 hrs a day for 2 weeks on a rooftop. Never got a lick of anything even close to a sunburn. Not even a pinkish hue. Nothing.

I’m 6′ tall, 275lbs. I ordered the large and they are a bit long for my arms but I just fold them over about 2 inches at the top. I put them on about 7am and have to pull them up again about noon. I am constantly reaching around in a full range of motion in all directions (yes, even behind me (when I carry a box of insulation)).

I have snagged them on different things and the holes have never expanded from the initial tear or puncture (unlike other brands I have tried (which turned from a snag into a run (like stockings)). I wear them every day for 3 days straight (working 6 days a wk) then swap them for another pair. I have done this for about 9 months and both have a few holes and some stains but keep on working. And by working I mean protect my arms from the fiberglass! No longer do I have to wear a long sleeve flannel shirt or a “baseball” shirt over another shirt just to protect my arms from fiberglass and the sun.

The hassle of having to pull them up on occasion doesn’t even warrant subtracting one star for me.

Love ’em.
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