Wardrobe Detox Basics of the Minimalist Approach to Personal Style

Wardrobe Detox Basics of the Minimalist Approach to Personal Style

When it comes to the world of fashion, there are two things that can hardly be exceeded: simplicity and elegance. Style icons such as Angelina Jolie and Winona Ryder have embraced the minimalist approach to choosing their outfits and so they’ve set the bar in terms of looking incredibly classy. Renowned designers have also experimented with clean cuts and colors typical for the style: just think of the recent fashion lines brought to us by Céline or Calvin Klein.

Minimalism is about carving your own style instead of blindly following current fashion trends. It is about fewer outfit choices but more consistency regarding your personal style and identity you’re expressing through the choice of your wardrobe. Here’s how you can achieve the “less is more“ mindset, and become a fashion minimalist.

Learn to love simplicity

The minimalist wardrobe is all about fuss-free outfits. It is about adjusting the pieces to yourself and your needs instead of the other way round. Building a personal style means exploring your feeling for aesthetics: if it is minimalism you’re aiming for, you should stick with the basics.

This means embracing classic cuts, nothing too complicated – no asymmetry or confusing designs, no invading patterns or flashy multicolour combinations. Look for pieces that are of neutral colour (e.g. black, navy, grey, white, beige) and monochromatic pieces. All-black combinations will never go out of style but you can also wear different shades of the same color and prevent your outfit from looking dull.

Choose quality over quantity

Like most of us, you certainly juggle a lot of tasks during the day, so time is not a resource you can afford to waste. The minimalist approach implies being savvy with the way you build your wardrobe: instead of cluttering it with pieces you bought just because they were on sale, invest in high-quality pieces that you’re actually going to wear. This means reaching out to fine fabrics and well-crafted pieces. For instance, a quality pair of black skinny jeans can be a part of your business look or a perfect bottom when you’re crafting your casual look.


Basics make the key ingredients

When cleaning up your closet, you need to find the effective system to keep things organized. This means you should visually keep it clean: hang trousers, coats, jackets, and skirts, and fold t-shirts, jeans, and knitwear. Throw away or donate everything you don’t wear or that is unflattering for your body type.

Add the essential items in order to detoxify your wardrobe. One little black dress should definitely find its place here, as well as a few trousers, a couple of shirts, a blouse, a trench coat, and a couple of sweaters and skirts. The trick is in investing your time in shopping or selecting the right pieces so you don’t waste much of it on your busy days. Did you know that women spend an average of one year during their lifetime on deciding what to wear? Make sure you own only the pieces you enjoy wearing.


Be a copycat until you get it right

Style is not something that we’re born with, nor is it something that can be simply purchased. Only by exploring different variations of the minimalist style can you find the exact one that feels like you. Find your inspiration on Pinterest or some fashion blog and then replicate the outfits you’ve found. This way, you’re killing two birds with one stone: you are perfecting your eye for details, elevating your shopping skills, and becoming better at accessorizing. Great minimalists know the value of owning a few accent pieces that ensure that one outfit is eye-catching. Secondly, you can get a better sense of the benefits of the minimalist style by imitating it first.

Once you've got it down, you’ll be amazed with the minimalist style: you’ll have more time on your hands, and you’ll notice how much easier the process of dressing up becomes, the amount of money you’ll save, and the overall lighter you'll feel.

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