We are "Good On You" rated!

We are "Good On You" rated!


In March, 2020, éclipse was awarded a Good rating by Good On You.  We’re now a recommended brand, and are proudly displaying our Good On You Review stamp on our website.  

When we first learned of Good On You, we made it our mission to quanitfy, track, and improve our already environmentally friendly and sustainable practices so we could be recognized by their organization.

Who is Good On You?  Established by Ethical Consumers Australia, a non-profit organization that is driven by a social mission ~ to create a world where consumer choices drive business to be sustainable and fair. 

The global clothing market is comprised of thousands of brands, and Good On You helps consumers make informed decisions when purchasing ethically and sustainably made clothing and accessories. 

Good On You has thoroughly researched companies around the world so consumers can make informed decisions on their purchases no matter where they live, based on environmental, labor and animal welfare issues. Their mission is to educate consumers and guide them to companies who are good stewards of the earth, its people and its resources.  The more educated consumers are the more their purchasing habits will reflect these values, which will lead to more companies changing their manufacturing practices, improving treatment of their employees and animals that  are impacted.

Good On You researches all types of companies, over 2,000 to date, and applies a rating for each based on their findings.  Don’t see a brand you’d like to know about?  Let Good On You know by connecting with them through their free app.

Good On You uses the rating model of:  We Avoid, Not Good Enough, It’s A Start, Good, and Great.  According to their website, ratings are based on public information (Fair Trade, Global Organic Textile Standard, Cradle to Cradle and many more), NGO investigations and from brands’ own statements.


The éclipse commitment to the environment, people and animals


Care for The Environment Our fabric manufacturing facility is certified with:

  •  ISO 9001 Quality Management
  •  ISO 14001 Environment Management
  •  ISO 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management
  •  CSP3   

We manufacture our high quality clothing locally in small batches, and we don’t subscribe to the idea a clothing company should release a new line every season (or even every week like many large brands do, with a large amount of it ending up in landfills). By keeping manufacturing local in Colorado, we reduce the carbon footprint of manufacturing, while supporting local jobs and contributing to the community in which we live.  éclipse is a proud member of our local Certified Sustainable Business program, and registered with Colorado’s Green Business Program.   

Our clothing and accessories are packaged in cellophane, which is biodegradable, or recyclable cardboard.  We are continuously searching and experimenting with better, more sustainable packaging and mailing supplies.

When our customers are ready to part with their éclipse we encourage them to pass it on to a friend, donate it locally, or send it back to us and we will give it new life (and they’ll receive a discount on their next éclipse purchase!)


Care for Our People

We have a close relationship with our fabric facility. We also work closely with the skilled local men and women who make our clothing here in Colorado, we are able to continuously review their working environments, while making sure they are paid a fair livable wage.


Care for Animals   

Our fabrics are 100% vegan from start to finish - no animal testing, no animal by- products in the dyes of our clothing.  All éclipse wear is suitable for vegans.


“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can by judged y the way its animals are treated.” - Mahatma Gandhi


We are honored to have a Good rating from Good On You ~ and we are progressing towards a rating of Great.  From the moment we design our apparel and accessories, we put a lot of thought into its lifecycle ~ starting with the materials we source and ending with recycling éclipse pieces.  We believe in slow fashion and promote an organized, minimalist wardrobe comprised of timeless and versatile designs.  We also believe, especially now, being an environmentally friendly, sustainable, and humane clothing manufacturer is the only path for apparel companies and the industry to sustain itself ~ and our planet ~ in the future.

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