Our Recycled Fabric

“As a creator of clothing, I take my impact on the planet’s health to heart.  At éclipse Apparel we’ve chosen to transition our fabric to recycled polyester made from bottles. This fits with my vision to create a truly sustainable and environmentally friendly clothing company.”

~ Élise Champe, Founder of éclipse Apparel


The Circular Fashion Model

At éclipse, we are moving towards a Circular Fashion model ~ we are changing our approach from the linear “take-make-waste” model the fashion industry has used for decades. 

The old fashion industry model :

  • Take: new raw materials and resources
  • Make: new fabric, new clothes
  • Waste: dump what we don’t consider pertinent: any parts of the fabric that aren’t needed for production, along with our apparel being added to overflowing landfills when not used anymore.

Because of this model, the fashion industry is implicated in creating significant pollution. We can do so much better.

éclipse has signed the Circular Fashion Pledge to reduce waste generation significantly, per the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 12.5, by implementing all three goals of:

  • Taking back our used garments
  • Increasing our recycled content
  • Designing for physical and emotional durability
Circular Fashion is a system where a garment’s production and end of life are considered so as to minimize the impact on the climate and earth. Materials used, production practices, and utility and durability of fabric and garments are all considered. This is within the context of a circular economy which is based on eliminating waste pollution and keeping products & materials in use.


circular fashion


Why recycled Polyester (rPET)?

rPET has been designated a Preferred Material by the Preferred Fibers and Market Report. The Textile Exchange and the UN’s Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action are joining together to challenge the fashion industry to bring the percentage of rPET up from 14% to 45%, with the goal of reaching an absolute 90% recycled volume share by 2030.

As a clothing manufacturer that uses polyester fabric, we believe it is our responsibility to implement this change for the benefit of our planet. This helps divert plastic bottles from landfills and waterways. We estimate 15 20 oz. soda bottles equals one of our éclipse Hoodies in large.

Plastic bottles saved from landfills and waterways can be used to create clothes! And when you no longer need or wear it, any éclipse item can then be returned back to us - we'll recycle or repurpose it to keep it from entering the landfill.

We selected a Bluesign system partner to ensure we meet the highest safety in chemicals standards. Bluesign is a chemical compliance standard  that tests for assurance at the forefront to insure safety in chemicals throughout the dyeing and finishing process. As well, they have strict standards in regards to affluent and emissions plus chemical management.

Our Recycled Polyester (rPET) is:

87% recycled poly, 13% spandex

  • soft
  • stretchy
  • lightweight
  • wrinkle-resistant
  • UPF50
  • and drapes beautifully

Its production requires far fewer resources than new fibers. Since our new polyester fabric is recycled, crude oil and natural gas extractions are completely avoided, saving on emissions.

What you can do as a consumer:

Know your brands and their ethos. Ask questions; if they walk the talk, they’ll be more than happy to share their sustainable practices.

Buy less, buy better - look for items that are versatile, are made to last and whose production is as gentle as possible on the earth.

Thrift more - consumerism and the constant need for the newest and greatest is evident in landfills, but also in thrift and consignment stores. There are absolute TREASURES to be found in second-hand stores, and at a small fraction of the cost of buying a new item. Switching our mindset from buying brand new to buying ‘new to you’ will benefit both you and our planet in the long run.

Implement the 4R’s - Reduce (declutter), Reuse (use longer, repurpose or swap), Repair (to add to the product’s longevity), Recycle (sell, consign, donate, send back to the company if they accept their used garments).
The fashion industry has treated the earth’s resources and people carelessly, and there are consequences to that. The goal needs to be to keep our environment as healthy as possible so that we can enjoy it.

As the owner of an apparel company, I’m constantly looking for ways to make positive impacts, so I’m truly excited for this big change in our company. At éclipse, we aim to be a catalyst in a paradigm shift. Along with educating people on the benefits of rPET, I’m designing clothing for longevity, and encouraging people to use their garments longer and keep them out of landfills. I love to share planet-friendly ideas for people’s everyday lives, because each of us make an impact.