Creating Freedom In Simplicity By Using Modules

Creating Freedom In Simplicity By Using Modules

You don't need a closet packed to the hilt with clothes and it is kinder for the environment to be mindful when it comes to consumption.

From goat yoga to WFH and everything in-between, we've curated a module of 6 functional pieces that will keep you beautifully and comfortably covered for 10 days. Here's how to create a module.

You pick the colors, we'll lead you through the rest.

At the end you will have selected versatile 6 pieces; 3 tops, 2 bottoms and 1 outer layer. Together, we will put as much ease & joy as possible in your closet so getting ready is a cinch. There are so many possibilities. This is going to be fun!

Here we go:

1. To select your Tunic, find the color you love and that looks great on you.

2. Add a neutral Tee color you love. Its purpose in your wardrobe is to go easily with pretty much anything.

3. It's time to peruse the Pants. Ask yourself, which color pants you like and will go with the two tops you've selected. Please do not pick what you think you should wear. We are giving you permission, if you need it, to go for plum or sienna or some other beautiful bold color here. 
4. It's time to select your outer layer, the Wrap. There are two considerations. First, this wrap drapes over your shoulders or ties around your neck, so take a color that flatters your face. Second, this color complements the two tops and pants.
5. Now for the Romper. Pick a mood here. Do you want bright? Low-key? The Tunic and Tee look great over the romper when you are layering. No need for the waist sash when layering, which makes for PJ-level comfort.


6. Last in your selection sequence is the Tank top. It should go with the Pants and Wrap.

Ta-da! That's your module. 

Create 5 modules and you are set for a year's worth of outfits. 

As you become more used to the module approach to organizing outfits, we encourage you to create modules that incorporate favorite pieces that you already wear often. There will also be garments you love, but never wear. Check out our Slow Fashion Guide for what to do in this case and for how to revamp your entire wardrobe. 

P.S. There's a new accessory in town; the face cover. Our Gaiter serves as non-medical face cover with a fashion bonus. The fabric can mix and match with any éclipse piece.

You've created Freedom in Simplicity!

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